Waxing Poetic

February 16, 2010




Top left to bottom: Amulet necklaces $68-$140, Flaming Heart ring $48, model wearing bead bracelets with charms and Remedy in a Bottle charm $60
California-based jewelry line Waxing Poetic has such a cool antique-looking collection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and charms with different insignias like initials, symbols, romantic phrases and zodiac signs. Made with antique brass, silver and gold the pieces look like something out of the medieval times with lots of detail on chunky designs. I can’t wait to check out their flagship store in the wine country Los Olivos that is going to have decoupage walls, handmade shelves out of walnut wood, antique wood carvings from Italy and a writing desk complete with letterpress stationary, a wax stamp and fountain pen so you can write a sweet note to a friend.

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