Sick Days

September 27, 2010
As a kid, getting sick was like winning the lottery, unless it was during the summer of course. Not only did I get to take over my parents gigantic bed, but I also got a little crystal bell whenever I needed something. I know, I know… spoiled much? But I’ll have you know, I was the last of four to fly the coup, so needless to say Mom was soaking up every last minute. But now since my mom is miles and miles away and there’s no crystal bell, sick days are equivalent to jury duty. Over the weekend—to my iron-clad immune system’s surprise, so I thought—I came down with a mean cold that left me flat on my back. And what else is there to do other than have a movie marathon? Here’s what was on the movie queue…
1. Killers—I think I need to plan a trip to Nice after seeing this one
2. Marie Antoinette—a permanent favorite
3. The Year My Parents Went On Vacation—A foreign film, loved it
4. Parenthood—an oldie but goodie
5. The Runaways—Dakota is definitely all grown up
6. Invictus—I love South Africa

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