Sneak Around

March 29, 2013
{ Converse paired with relaxed suiting. }
Converse, vans, running shoes and pumped up kicks seem to be having their moment right now. It took me a while to brave the recent sneaker wedge trend (seen here) and I’ve been loving the comfortable hip hop vibe they have, however my fiance is not a fan—he’d prefer them in the trash than on my feet. But aside from my “enormous shoes” as he puts it, I’m also currently coveting a basic pair of slip on vans.
{ Skinny jeans + bedazzled kicks. }
 { Patterned boat shoes as seen on Taylor Tomasi Hill. }
 { Sneaker clad models. }
 { A show-stopping duo, Celine + Isabel Marant. }
{ And the girl who convinced me that sneaker wedges can look good, Jules. }
images via pinterest
A handful I currently have my eye on… sneaker fever!

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