Feeling The Love

July 11, 2014

26e43b5aeefc0a27c60375fdea006064Words can’t describe how touched I was by all of your sweet comments to our baby bump announcement this week. Sharing the news with all of you has made it extra special and I can’t wait to experience the uncharted territory with so many friends by my side. I know there will be challenging times ahead but I’m grateful for every each and every precious moment. One thing is for sure, I’m going to try my hardest to do it in style and share every bit of advice I can. Until then I’m taking notes from some of these mamas who seem to make it look so good. 93b1c90609d6b91a6c3e84e7bf4085decee696b27ee561de60a5cce8e80ab11fcc9e6c7b51728c14d2d61ae4e62bd048 ba0e2ae00c725973ffd447ca65d71f63 b25d7ee3ace1a192b3fdea679f2e8eaa 832d1756f580687f07a75a99bdbbb29cFor more mama inspiration visit my pinterest board here.

Photos via glow.com and pinterest. 

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