Balm It On

March 3, 2010
Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Balm @
Every year around this time I start fantasizing about warm weather, sunny days and having my smooth tan skin back. I’m always trying different lotions and exfoliators to keep my skin dewey and soft during the winter season but it’s a battle that begins every October (November if we’re really luck) and doesn’t end until it’s warm enough to throw on a sun dress sans tights or leggings. That is until I came across this miracle in a bottle called Vitamin E Body Balm by Jo Malone. Seriously makes my skin feel completely moisturized and soft all day long, even after wearing skinny jeans and having perma-goose bumps. I’ve also found that putting this on right after a bath or shower is even more affective and lasts longer. However, I still need a tan.

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