EOS Lip Balm

March 30, 2010
Flavors: Summer fruit (red), honeysuckle honeydew (green) and sweet mint (blue)
I’ll never forget the rush of urgency I would get every Easter as a kid to find more eggs than my brother. Even though I was five years younger and had a secret teammate—a.k.a Dad who would point me in the right direction—my brother would always manage to have a fuller basket in the end. However, our older sisters got us both in the end one year by replacing the candy in the eggs with nearby snails. Boy was that a let down finding a trick egg… “I found (excitement trails off) one… Maybe it’s my Easter egg hunt memories resurfacing, but I fell in love with these egg shaped lip balms by Eos, a line of organic creams, lotions and lip balms. The lip balm is all-natural, super soft and looks like an egg—don’t worry I checked for snails.

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