Soak Please

April 22, 2010
Yesterday was one of those extra long days with a never-ending to do list between my move and work, and to top it all off, I had a lingering headache. It’s days like these that make me wish I had my dream bathtub waiting for me at home to unwind, relax and soak away the day. But until then I have my ways of de-stressing that unfortunately don’t include bubbles. My first savior is Peppermint essential oil. I love putting this on my temples, forehead, neck and behind my ears before I get in bed—it has an icy hot affect that is so relaxing and is also an amazing remedy for headaches. Second, my cold pack eye mask that lives in the freezer when its not easing my tired eyes, third, my lavender neck wrap that you can heat up in the microwave—the smell alone will calm the nerves—and fourth, a hot shower that I sprinkle with Eucalyptus oil before getting in for the ultimate at-home spa affect.
Dream bathtubs above from Waterworks

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