Cheap Thrills

May 7, 2010
Trying new beauty products can be fun but also expensive. So instead of breaking the bank I decided to do some trial and error with some of my girlfriend’s favorite drugstore buys under $20. Here’s what they recommended…
1. Maybelline Define-a-lash mascara $6 – “Great brush shape that extends my lashes and doesn’t put a dent in my wallet but makes me feel vavavoom!” – Lindsay
2. Olay Complete Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15 $8 – “It always protects my angel kisses and never feels oily.” – Jennifer
3. Maybelline Coral Crush Lipstick $8 – “It’s the perfect pop of color for the Summer.” – Emily
4. L’Oreal Sunless Sublime Glow Moisturizer $10 – “My stems refuse to tan so this works magic for me. It’s easy to apply and gives a super subtle, gradual glow.” – Jennifer
5. Aveeno Nourish and Revitalize Conditioner $6 – “It smells amazing and detangles without being too greasy.”-Jenny
6. Alba Botanica Kukui Nut Organic Body Oil $10 – “A shower staple, especially during the summer. I’ll even add a couple drops to my lotion, especially after shaving because it leaves your skin soft with a little shine. “-Sarah
7. Physicians Formula Healthy Glow Bronzer $14 – “I like the whole Physician’s Formula makeup line. My favorite is the bronzer, it’s a must have any time of the year. ” – Kristian
8. Aquaphor Healing Ointment $6 – “I LOVE it. I use it on my lips about 100 times a day. I also use it to take off eye make up and it’s great mixed in with lotion. ” – Lauren

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