Bringing Sexy Back

September 1, 2010
A friend recently turned me on to this scent, Molecule 01, which should have fine print on the back that says “wear with caution,” as it will literally turn heads. It’s subtle, mysterious undertones are made from an aroma-chemical that has a pheromone-like affect that may sometimes be unnoticeable to the person wearing it—or spell-casting on the people around them. Never to be referred to as a perfume, this love potion (or aura as it’s properly categorized as) is anything but overbearing like some migraine-causing fragrances are. Produced in England, the first bottles of Molecule 01 flew off the shelves at Harvey Nichols and racked up a 600 person waiting list when it was sold out. And did I mention, Kate Moss wears this scent? Enough said.
Sidenote: How perfect is this scent to go in a Talon Amulet necklace?

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