Stormy Days

October 19, 2010
Yesterday was one of the first storms of the season and it was full of rain, lightning and thunder that seemed to shake the windows. The rain boots came out, a fire was lit and I cooked up a hot meal for dinner that was followed by candy corns for dessert. The lights started to flicker at one point so we lit some candles just in case the electricity went out, which made the night even spookier. I’m not going to lie, I did scream a little after an earth shaking thunder that was so loud it set off a few car alarms near by. Our Halloween decorations—a mini pumpkin and a do do bird dressed as a witch—never looked so threatening at night… boo!
[ My miniature pumpkin ]
[ One of the trees on my street has the brightest red leaves ]
[ My hammered silver votives shed the prettiest light ]
[ The neighbors have the best apples growing in front of their house, not that I would know how they taste, shh! ]
[ Meet Smokey, our Do Do bird dressed as a witch. I think he’s pretty cute. ]

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