Spiced Red Wine-Poached Pears

January 19, 2011
There are two things I love about recipes that involve wine. One, it instantly makes a dish sound a little fancy-pants when “wine” is in the title, and two, there’s always just enough left in the bottle to enjoy a glass while cooking. In an effort to try and incorporate more fruits (working on the veggies part) in my diet, I decided to try this dessert concoction. It’s the perfect sweet treat for a winter menu since it incorporates spices like cinnamon, cloves and orange peels. Once finished, I sprinkled brown sugar on the pears and stuck them in the oven for 5 minutes so the tops would caramelize a bit and then served with a scoop of ice cream and extra wine sauce drizzled on top.
My glass of wine to cook with
Fresh, peeled pears
Poaching the pears in a Cabernet
Orange peels and cloves
The syrupy wine sauce mixed with the crisp pear was ├╝ber delicious

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