Happy Days

March 30, 2011
Yesterday was the first day that it officially felt like Spring and I swear the birds were in agreement, everywhere I went they seemed to be chirping up a storm. Since I’m always an eager beaver when it comes to sunny days, I’m not holding my breath that it will stay this way but the forecast does look pretty phenomenal for the weekend ahead here in Santa Barbara—can we say 80º! Just those two numbers seemed to make me jump for joy, which got me thinking about all the little things that instantly have that affect on me. Here’s 10 things that make me light up from head to toe. What makes you randomly happy?
1. Packages on my doorstep
2. Waves of realization that I might be the luckiest girl around to be with my beau
3. Dinner parties at home
4. The song “The Wind” by Cat Stevens
5. Any movie with Jason Bateman in it
6. Laughing until it hurts
7. Phone convos with my best friend in New York
8. Finding something new and amazing for my wardrobe
9. Lindsey’s dog Kona—see him in his bow tie here
10. Blogging about something I’m really excited about

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