Infused Alcohol

March 8, 2011

For an upcoming birthday party some friends and I are attempting to serve specialty cocktails with our very own infused tequila and vodka. The idea came about after many dinners at Hungry Cat where they have shelves of glass jars filled with things like fruit, chilies and mint, marinating in alcohols. Since we winged it a bit, we’ll see what combinations end up being used. But the best part of this project was naming our own concoctions—once again, the chalk spray paint was put to use on the lids so we could conveniently write on the tops. A few favorites that have my bets on being pretty good? Pineapple, brown sugar and vanilla bean in tequila… prickly pear, pineapple and orange in tequila… cranberries, mint and lime in vodka. Stay tuned on the results!

[ Bowls of ingredients—apples, ginger, kiwi, prickly pear, lime and passion fruit ]
[ Necessities: vodka and tequila ]
[ Extra large mason jars ready to be filled up ]
[ My favorite part—naming the special mixtures ]
[ Since they were so colorful and pretty the roomies and I decided to display them in the kitchen on some antique shelves ]

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