Mission Rose Garden

April 15, 2011
Warm, sunny Spring days beg for the picnic basket to be brought out and filled with goodies. Yesterday couldn’t have been a more perfect day to sit back and relax in the late afternoon light with some wine, cheese and appetizers. On a whim, the beau and I met some friends at one of our favorite picnic spots, the Mission rose gardens. You can’t get a more scenic place to throw down a blanket than thousands of roses with one of California’s oldest Missions as a backdrop. Needless to say it was the ultimate way to unwind. Here are a few snaps from the evening.
[ Champagne and cheese ]
[ No breeze and a warm sun = bliss ]
 [ The Santa Barbara Mission ]
 [ Lindsey and me ]
 [ Quinoa salad ]
 [ A row of historic Spanish colonial homes – could i have that? ]
[ A necessity—tunes ]

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