Out to Play

April 5, 2011
[ A re-discovered turquoise necklace I forgot I had ]
While I’ve been enjoying some of my favorite things that come with Spring—blooming flowers, warmer weather and brighter evenings—I’ve been dreading a few others like multiplying bugs and my deferred jury duty date. I dragged myself to the courthouse yesterday armed with magazines and a fully charged phone and managed to get a few things done while waiting. The worst part? Staring at a perfectly warm, sunny day outside. Here are a few things currently making me happy.
[ Miniature pink roses from our garden that are crazy fragrant ]
[ Afternoon light spilling in through my bedroom window—a.k.a nap time ]
[ My favorite spot in the backyard to soak in some Vitamin D ]
[ A few sunnies displayed on my dresser ]
[ The Eres Spring lingerie and swimwear look book ]

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