Beach Bonfire

July 11, 2011
[ A half moon ]
There are times when I envy my friends who are living the big city life where the excitement and pace never seems to slow down. But I have to say, nothing changes my mind and reminds me why I live in Santa Barbara quite like a beach bonfire. It’s one of my favorite things to do on a warm summer night and never gets old in my book—and it will always be hopelessly romantic since I met the beau at one years ago. Over the weekend we had the first bonfire of the summer with some friends. We packed burritos from our favorite Mexican spot, the fixings for s’mores, wood, blankets, chairs, wine and left over sparklers from the 4th of July. The one thing we forgot? Swimsuits. The water felt warmer than the air and was almost tempting enough to skinny dip… there were some serious double dares thrown out but no one took the bait. It was the most relaxing and fun night of the summer so far.
[ Our view just after the sun when down ]
[ I wore my favorite bonfire jacket – a hooded Marc Jacobs fleece sweatshirt/jacket ]
[ Burritos from El Bajio, a best kept Santa Barbara secret ]
 [ My first pair of Toms, which I’ve been living in ever since ]
 [ Plenty of fire wood ]


 [ Me, Lindsey and Kona dog heading down to test the water ]
[ Writing your name in the air with a sparkler never seems to lose it’s fun ]

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