Summer Bits

July 22, 2011
[ The most refreshing Rosè from Carhartt ]
Lately I’ve been on a marathon of parties, birthdays and bachelorette bashes, which has been a whirlwind of fun but like every year, Summer seems to fly by way too quickly. So for the weekends ahead, I plan on soaking in some sweet Summer R&R days filled with naps, lounging at the beach, late brunches, popsicles and dips in the pool. I can’t even believe that we’re half way through July—say it aint’ so! Here’s to relishing in the sunny moments of Summer 2011. Here are a few snaps from my recent summer days.
 [ Nude/sand colored nails ]
 [ Fireside nights ]
[ Fresh baked muffins for the a.m. hours ]

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