At Home R&R

April 3, 2012
Sometimes I find myself in dire need of a little R&R. Whether it’s a simple 20 minute cat nap or a week long getaway, nothing recharges the engines quite like some necessary “me” time. Of course, at the top of my list of ways to unwind is a day at the spa filled with head-to-toe treatments that leave me feeling like a glowing, calm goddess. But since extravagant spa days aren’t always wallet friendly, I rely on my own ways of rejuvenating my skin and overall being at home.
[ Darphin’s Hydraskin Essential lotion and Hydrating Kiwi Mask, reading material and an eye mask for easy dozing ]
I’ll start by taking a long, steamy shower, which I first sprinkle with either Eucalyptus or Lavender essential oil. The whole bathroom will start to smell like an actual spa—it’s amazing. Afterwards I’ll put on my biggest and coziest robe and get to pampering my face with some of the most luxurious and affective products by Darphin.


[ Essential Eucalyptus and Lavender oils for a steam shower ]
Since my skin is on the dry side, I like to go for extra moisturizing products. Lately I’ve found the ultimate combination from Darpin that leaves my skin completely dewy and, well, perfectly moisturized. I start with the Hydrating Kiwi Mask which smells like heaven in a bottle and is all around soothing—perfect for a  relaxing pick-me-up.
[ A favorite candle, Mor Belladonna ]
Then, I like to kick back with a hot cup of peppermint tea and some magazines while the mask does it’s job. This is one of my favorite parts of my at home spa experience—especially when I break out a favorite candle or two.
[ Darphin’s Hydrating Kiwi Mask, Hydraskin Essential, Hydraskin Intensive Serum ]

After my Kiwi Mask I put on the Hydraskin Intesive Skin-Hydrating Serum. Sidenote: this is truly one of my can’t-live-without products. It goes on thin like water but can literally turn around my worst dry skin days in 24 hours. And it works as a protective layer that increases your glow—my kind of perk! Lastly I use the Hydraskin Essential lotion which contains Butterfly Lavender so it smells amazing. But my favorite part about this product is the fact that it boosts natural hydration within your skin, so it’s proactive in changing your skin.

[ Peppermint tea ]

Just 45-min is all it takes me to restart the engines and feel fresh, new and radiant from the inside and out—with a lot of help from Darphin of course.

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