Birthday Beau

July 12, 2012
Tools in the Make Smith studio.
We recently celebrated the beau’s birthday and I’ve been so eager to share the fun present I got for him. And let me tell you, my guy is no easy dude to shop for so when I decided on the obvious gift choice, an iPad case (which he desperately needed), I knew I had to find the perfect one. Enter Steve Soria of Make Smith leather. What could be better than a hand-made, one-of-a-kind, monogramed leather case? And so up the beau’s alley. Here’s a peek at the iPad case in the making and the finished product. Check out more of Steve’s work here.
Steve measuring the iPad and his sidekick keeping watch.
 Cutting the leather pattern out.
Spools of thread I picked a stitching color from.
The outside case finished before the final details.
 Steve stamping the beau’s initials into his case.
 Final adjustments to the strap.
The final product… and a very happy birthday beau.

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