Gift Guide: For Him

November 20, 2013

Gift Guide: For Him
Shopping for the dudes in your life is never an easy task. I like to categorize the difficult men to shop for under two titles a.) Mr. Picky Peter and b.) Mr. Habit Harry. Mr. Picky Peter is that guy that is so particular even his bath towels are hung a certain way. Uncomfortable fabrics, a shade too dark or a less than perfect fit are common complaints for this lad. Brands are important to him and anything outside his “favorites” better be good. Mr. Habit Harry is our man friend who eats the same thing every morning and will buy the same style shirt and pants in multiple colors simply because it works. He’s a believer in “if it aint broke, why fix it.” So what to do about these hard-to-please boys? My solution is to first and foremost get a jump on it. Start hashing out ideas as early as you can. I like to keep a running list all year long when they come to mind. Then start fishing. Drop some questions about what they’re currently loving or even go shopping well before the holidays and gauge his interest in some things. If you’re still stumped phone in one of his friends who knows him well.

Here’s a round-up of some finds I know the Mr. Picky Peters and Habit Harrys in my life wouldn’t mind opening this holiday season. I highly suggest checking out the new Peter Miller collection over at Nordstrom where you’ll find a handful of classic button-downs, cool wool ties and basic favorites every man should have in their wardrobe.

Peter Miller dress shirt in black and saltwater, woven wool tie top and bottom, leather toiletry kit $185, Balm Squad lip balm set $25, Wood iPhone case $38, UGG Australia Madison gloves $65, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones $299, Michael Kors watch $275, Burberry cashmere sweater $495, Silk bow tie $29, Patagonia beanie $35, Nike running shoes $70, Marshal Hanwell home speaker system $600, B. the Product hair paste $24, Jack Purcell sneakers $74, Tumi Tegra-Lite suitcase $895, Persol Capri sunglasses $310, J.Paul travel shave set $18.

For more man-style inspiration check out my “Fellas” pinterest page here and shop some finds below.

Sponsored by Nordstrom

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