Gift Guide: For The Kiddos

December 5, 2013

Gift Guides for the Kids
When it comes to buying gifts for the kiddos, I sometimes feel a bit clueless as to where to look, what to buy and constantly worry over whether they’ll even like it or use it. So I called on one of my closest friends Sara of Bonzo, Chooch, Mushy and Me who has her finger on the pulse being a mama to two adorable nuggets. To give you a little background on her (and us) we met while working at a magazine together and instantly bonded. It was my first job right out of college and she took me under her wing like a big sister. Everything she makes, does, says and wears has always been utterly cool in my eyes and I credit much of what I’ve picked up to her. Naturally her kids’ toy boxes, bookshelves and rooms are filled with rad things. She sews their Christmas stockings, comes up with the most creative hand-made Halloween costumes and sends out the sweetest holiday cards. I hope to become half the mom that she is some day. Here’s a round-up of some of the coolest finds to fill your little ones stockings with from the most stylish mama I know. Be sure to follow her on instagram here, but beware you might develop a rush of baby fever after looking at her adorable photos.

1. playon crayon // 2. hanno the gorilla // 3. dogwood table lamp // 4. dunck stacking bath toys //
5. boys’ long sleeve tee // 6. gold piggy bank // 7. iggy peck architect  // 8. villa julia cardboard playhouse // 9. playplax building set // 10. vitra eames elephant // 11. mr. and mrs. bunny – detectives extraordinaire // 12. walnut animal society stuffed animals // 13. the bird machine art print // 14. bear sweater // 15. walnut birds

Thank you for putting this together Sara!

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