Wedding Bits and Tips

January 17, 2014

Wedding Bells
{ A huddle with some of my closest girlfriends. }

When people ask me what my tips are for a bride-to-be, I immediately start going down a list in my  head. Ask for help, set a timeline and monthly checklist, create a mood board, be realistic, keep it simple and the list goes on. But one big realization I came away with is that the details which seem so important during the planning fade into the background the day of. Yes they matter, but what makes the day special are the bride and groom, family, friends, the cake (just kidding, sort of) and all those sweet and celebratory moments you’ll remember forever. So the phrase “don’t sweat the little things” is completely true when it comes to a wedding. It goes by too quickly to worry about minor issues.

Our photographer Arna Bee captured so many of those sweet moments and more. Going through all the photos was like living the day all over again. Here are some of my favorite candid shots that she snapped.Wedding Bells{ Reading a letter that Todd wrote to me the morning of our wedding. I loved wearing this silk robe my sister got me. }Wedding Bells{ My teary-eyed moment during our first dance. }Wedding Bells{ My seven-year-old cousin brought the house down with a surprise dance for us. }Wedding Bells{ Getting a kiss from my 92-year-old grandmother. }Wedding Bells{ The lemon orchard also functioned as coat/hat check. }Wedding Bells{ My two sisters putting on my wedding shoes: flats from J.Crew. Also the best decision ever considering the terrain and my dancing habits. }  Wedding Bells{ I surprised Todd with a signature cocktail named after him, The Tonic Todd – a nickname among his buddies. }     Wedding Bells{ A favorite shot with my bridesmaids in monogrammed white robes I gave them. }Wedding Bells{ Day of pedicures and UGG fluffy slippers I gave the girls. }Wedding Bells{ This photo makes me smile every time. }

Photos by Arna Bee

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