Style Profile: Kendall Conrad

June 3, 2016

CIHT_STYLE_FEATURE_KENDALL_CONRAD_082When I came up with the idea for the Style Profile series, Kendall Conrad was the first person I knew I had to share with all of you. The first time I met her I was in my early 20’s and interviewing her for a publication, which was my first job. As a young professional I was completely captivated and inspired by Kendall’s creative world from the way she dressed and styled her home to the cookbook she wrote and a handbag line that was just getting started, all the while raising two beautiful daughters. Fast forward ten years and she has since developed her brand to include jewelry, accessories, opened three storefronts in Venice, Brentwood and Montecito and was recently picked up by Club Monaco. Every time I get the chance to visit with Kendall I’m left with new wisdom, whether its a fun fact about Picasso, a beauty trick she learned from a makeup artist or advice on running a business, being a mother and doing it all. Here is a glimpse into her everyday favorites. 


How would you describe your personal style and where do you think it stems from?

KC: Uniform, tomboy, tailored, classic in black, white, neutrals, olive, burgundy or navy. I had 4 older brothers growing up so probably from them. My only sister is a tomboy too. I don’t like to think about what I am going to wear clothing-wise-I like to keep it simple and suited to me. A basic canvas that I can then accessorize. Which is why I am probably an accessories designer as I love changing up shoes, bags, belts, cuffs and jewelry all of the time!

Who is your fashion icon(s)?

KC: Well, to me it’s not just what they wore, but the whole package-who they were, how did they live their life, what did they contribute, etc…Georgia O’Keefe is way up there, and my old friend Huguette Calan, an amazing artist/sculptor who wore chic smocks everyday with paint on them and had special evening smocks as well-a true uniform. And of course all of the 70s babes like Charlotte Rampling and Lauren Hutton, then and now.

What are the top 3 essential items in your closet?

KC: Cashmere V neck sweaters, jeans, shorts.

What are your tips for accessorizing well?

KC: Well this is completely individualistic and part of why I love accessories is that the wearer can be unique and create their own look and style themselves by how they put it all together. I personally love stacking bracelets or necklaces and mixing in textures (rough, smooth, sculptural shapes, height) and materials leather, silk or metal.

Where and how do you like to shop?

KC: I am really not a big shopper, but I know what I like and what suits me and then I buy multiples and the same item in different neutral colors. I tend to stay away from big department stores, I love discovering small shops with a beautifully curated edit. It’s certainly what we strive for with our own stores.

What are your three favorite clothing brands?

KC: YSL, Frame Denim, Zara

What are your secrets to looking stylish and confident with minimal effort?

KC: Know yourself and what suits you.

What’s your style motto?

KC: Make sure the fit is right and don’t let the clothes wear you.


How do you prefer to spend your spare time?

KC: Walking on the beach with my dogs and sometimes my husband or a friend. Hot bath with essential oils and a good book, a yoga class with my daughters, cooking, picnics with my family in nature. Going to the beach.

What are your favorite things about the place you live?

KC: Cozy, bookish, home. Our garden-it’s like a botanical sanctuary on a creek. Our bed, so comfortable! The fireplaces.

Describe your perfect weekend getaway.

KC: I love driving trips as it’s a great time to spend with my kids and husband. We like to go to northern California-Squaw Valley, Yosemite, Point Reyes, Inverness and Mendocino. I want to do more cross country in the summer.

What are your traveling essentials?

KC: My iPhone and case, a scarf for the plane from one of our collabs with I Pezzi di Pinti, books, my Passport Case for tickets and passports, my Coco Case to organize plugs and cords or foreign currencies.

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

KC: Spain and it’s islands! Going back this summer, cannot wait!


Walk us through your daily beauty routine.

KC: I use a hot washcloth in the morning and at night and then apply my own blend of organic oils and add Elta sunblock. A little eye pencil and mascara. I remove makeup with jojoba oil.

What is your favorite way to wear your hair, and how do you style it?

KC: When I am working I pull it back into a knot. Going out I like to let it down. For the most part, I like to just wash and go.

What beauty products can you not live without?

KC: Chapstick. Brown eye pencil, I like Sunday Riley Good Genes or Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream for an event night.

What’s in your purse?

KC: Sunglasses, my Luz wallet, my Coco Case with cords and plugs, my IPhone case, Maquillaje (makeup bag) with mascara, eye pencil, chapstick and my L’Oeil du Vert Nalu roll on perfume that we sell in our store, my friend Haley Alexander makes it and it’s amazing! A brush and keys. My friend Lesley Blume’s newest book coming out in June about Hemingway called “Everybody Behaves Badly”.


Who inspires you most in your life?

KC: I am constantly inspired by my teenage daughters Luisa and Fernanda (Fanny). I love how they see things and interpret them. They are really into music and are always going to shows, they turn me on to new bands all the time. They always find the fun and funny in everything and are total originals.

Tell us about your greatest accomplishments so far.

Aside from my children, I would say finding a way to help cure my daughter of her illness and then writing a cookbook to support it. Also very proud of our company and how far it’s come and what it stands for.

Name one thing on your bucket list?

Just one?!! Okay… Africa.


Photography by Arna Bee

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