Valentine’s Gifts: for little miss

February 9, 2017

As a mother of a girl, Valentine’s Day has never been so fun. Elin is all about tea parties, tutus, fairytales, hearts, sparkles, pink, pink and more pink. So a holiday that involves all of that? A slam dunk for her. Last year I surprised her in the morning with her first tea set tied with a red balloon—side note, just about anything involving a balloon feels like a party to her, that in itself would make a toddler’s day. The pink floral tea set is still her favorite to this day. We sip “blueberry” (pretend) tea, her favorite, multiple times a day and find her stuffed animals gathered around a table on the regular. Naturally I had to find something she would love just as much this year, with a balloon attached of course. Here’s a look at some sweet finds I came across.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Little Miss:

  1. Hit of Hot Pink – “Je T’aime” Pillow & 24/7 Carry All
  2. Painted Wooden Jump Rope from Smallable
  3. Oh so stylish metallic oxfords
  4. Cotton Dolls
  5. Nothing I love more than the sweet designs of Tu Tu Du Monde
  6. Velvet heart pillows from Atelier Atsuyo Et Akiko
  7. Princess play pretend crown and wand in metallic linen


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