Basket Bags

April 12, 2017

I bought some baskets for Elin’s nursery 2+ years back thinking they’re main purpose would be to store toys and things in—you can find them here. Turns out, they’re getting the most use as my handbag these days. I can’t get enough of basket bags for Spring and although I’ve been borrowing this one from my two-year-old, I’ve had my eye on a few more options that I wouldn’t mind adding to my wardrobe. 

Here’s why I love them, they embody that fresh out of the field feeling that goes so perfectly with sundresses and delicate lace pieces. But because the color and vibe is so neutral you can really pair it with a handful of pieces like denim, silky dresses, stripes and more. It’s the ultimate accessory statement for Spring if you ask me because it fits in too perfectly with trips to the farmer’s market, picnics, beach days and everything in between that involves a little sunshine.

IRO top, AMO denim jeans, Gucci slides, Smoke x Mirrors sunglasses, basketSome favorite finds with that basket look…

Photography by Jaqueline Pilar

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