Room Refresh

April 10, 2017

With every new season comes a new set of lifestyle elements to have fun with. From produce and recipes to entertaining and clothing, four times a year we get a new tune to dance to and I personally love it. I treat my home just like my wardrobe by adding a few additions here and there to make it reflect the season. Sometimes it’s as simple as adding flowers or new bedding while other times I’m inspired to add a new piece of furniture or paint color. Now that we’re coasting into winter and spending more time at home I felt like our quaint little cottage needed something extra this time around.

I teamed up with Lawrence of La Brea to select two rugs for two different rooms that were starting to feel stale. It’s amazing how quickly you can change the vibe of a room just by switching out the base layer.

Our dining room doesn’t always get the best light and by late afternoon it starts feeling dark and dreary pretty quickly. By switching out the rug to a lighter more subdued stripe it instantly brightened up the space. We complimented it with a large minimal black and white print by Max Wanger and the two mirror each other perfectly. I spend a lot of time at this table—entertaining, working, unwinding or looking up recipes—so keeping it fresh, light and clean is important.

Our living room is a place where we curl up by the fire, watch a movie or entertain guests. I wanted it to reflect the season with a lighter vibe and neutral shades. I’ve had my heart set on a vintage Turkish rug for sometime now and immediately spotted this design, something I’ve never seen before. I pulled in some vintage accessories and pictures, a basket full of cozy throws for a layer of texture and hits of gold to warm the space up.

And just like that we’ve transformed two rooms without having to put too many hours in on the weekend. Little effort, big impact.



Photography by Arna.


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