My Go-To Jewelry Brands

January 28, 2019

For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a love for fine jewelry. I credit my mom and grandmother for instilling an obsession for all things sparkly and gold as they had an impressive collection and never hesitated to let me rummage through it, play dress up and even borrow pieces in my more responsible teenage years. I have since built a collection around a few favorite brands that I consider my go-to favorites. 

Some of my most valuable pieces signify milestones, represent my family and define my style. So with Valentine’s Day ahead of us, I wanted to share those brands and some special discounts they’re offering just for Could I Have That readers—valid today through 2/14. So forward this to your sweethearts or spoil yourself!

1. Ariel Gordon 

Six, maybe even seven, years ago Ariel and I met through mutual friends. She was just starting her jewelry line, Ariel Gordon Jewelry, and I was a budding blogger. We totally bonded and we shot her first lookbook together and I got to pick out some of my first AGJ pieces—which I still wear to this day! In fact there’s never a day I don’t leave the house wearing something Ariel made. Including some of my favorites below (like the Medallion Signet Necklace pictured left that you can have custom engraved.) 

25% off

Use code: BEMINE25

2. Jane Pope

I was introduced to Jane Pope’s line from my friend Marysia, who was wearing a handful of her pieces one day. I started following Jane on instagram and quickly became obsessed with the imperfect, organic and raw vibe of her pieces. One of my newest, most treasured pieces in my collection is the Emerald Cut Sapphire XL Prong Ring

$500 Giveaway

Click over to Jane Pope’s site and enter a special giveaway—one lucky winner will get a $500 gift card. 

3. Walters Faith 

I love this line because it’s somewhere in-between delicate and bold—something I’m always bouncing between with my jewelry selections. Even their delicate pieces will have a detail that makes it stand apart—like the Clive hoops that from the side show-off some bling. I actually don’t own anything yet from this line but borrow pieces for shoots and have been coveting the Keynes Signature Ring for a few years. 

20% off

Use code: CIHT

4. Jennifer Fisher 

Nothing ignites my obsessive jewelry cravings quite like Jennifer Fisher. The charms, oh the charms! It’s a slippery slope when you get one piece, you’ll eye about ten others that you desperately need. But I have to say my most precious piece of jewelry that I put on everyday is one of her Burnished Diamond Cuffs with Elin’s name on it. I got it after she was born and haven’t left the house without it since. This line offers endless possibilities to custom design and wear pieces that represent you and your family. 

10% off 

Use code: JFxCIHT10

5. Zoe Chicco 

Remember this post? It was years ago but I’ll never forget it because both Zoe and I were pregnant at the time and totally bonded over cravings and diamonds. I’ve been a fan of her line for years now and keep coming back to it for those dainty rings and customized pieces. One of my favorite pieces I own by Zoe is this black and white diamond ear cuff. Since I don’t have multiple ear piercings (although I’m definitely considering a second!) this cuff makes for a fun addition to my earring game. 

15% Off

Use code: CIHT15

My Everyday Favorites

Above photography by Sara Prince

Diamond Bezel Tennis Bracelet

Keynes Two Tone Hexagon Ring

XL Prong Sapphire Ring

Signet Ring

Burnish Diamond Cuff

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