Friday List 3.08

March 8, 2019

As of today, dare I say, it feels like Spring! We had some crazy rain this week and when it quickly cleared and blue sky showed itself Spring was definitely in the air. On top of that I realized yesterday that the time change is this weekend, which means we can do after dinner strolls before it gets dark and that instantly made me giddy for warmer days ahead. Here are some things I’ve been loving this week and easing me into the sweetest season of the year. 


I just got Gaby Dalkin’s new cookbook Every Day California Food and I’ve been devouring it. The recipes are straight forward and so easy to pull off. 


It’s happening! I’m going for another piercing. I love this stack and have my eye on some Loren Stewart hoops to add to my collection. 


Spring is the perfect time to spoil yourself with a new hat. I’m a diehard Janessa Leone fan and literally live in her cool pieces. This new style is idyllic for Spring days. 


Last week I snuck away with William Sonoma for a wellness /spa getaway at Miraval in Arizona. I’d never experienced a true wellness resort and couldn’t believe how relaxing, soul-filling it ended up being. Hoping I can make a getaway here once a year to recharge because it was beyond! 


Naturally my excitement for Spring always spills over into Elin’s wardrobe. I’ve been scooping up some pieces for her from some of my favorite brands, Dôen, Bonpoint, Stella McCartney, and waiting on collections to release from Mabo and Soor Ploom—March 19th! 


Normally I shy away from Matcha drinks. I just couldn’t get with the dirty (sometimes dare I say fishy) taste and even though I knew it’s the healthiest form of caffeine you could reach for, I just couldn’t do it. And then Cosmic Matcha from Moon Juice landed on my doorstep and I thought, why not. So I heated up some of my homemade almond milk threw it in the blender with the matcha mix and (drum roll) I finished the whole thing, and loved it! Maybe my tastebuds have changed or maybe the three I tried in the past were the worst out there (ha) but I’m really into this one!

Happy Weekend!
xx Samantha

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