What Mom Really Wants | Gift Guide

May 2, 2019

I used to think Mom was lying when she said all she really wanted was to be with me on Mother’s Day. But now as a mom to Elin, I totally get it. The sentimental side of me feels like just being her mom is already the greatest gift. But the other side is like, “actually brunch followed by a massage does sound tempting… ok twist my arm.”

So here we are, finding that extra way to make Mother’s Day all about Moms (or yourself as a Mom!) and make them feel appreciated and loved. With a little bit of planning, thought and research you can be prepared (whether you’re with your mom or not) and nail it with something or some words that will swell her heart.


To me, this is the best gift for a mom’s first Mother’s Day. It’s a major milestone, you can personalize a piece of jewelry and it’s something that can be potentially passed down holding meaning. Or maybe it’s your mom’s first Mother’s Day as a grandmother. Either way, there’s something timeless and so special about a piece of jewelry. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite pieces from some of my favorite brands. 

An Hour To Ourselves/ Pampering 

One thing I know every mom lusts after, especially moms with littles, is a quiet hour or two. It’s that break we sometimes don’t get, dream about, a time to actually read that book or pamper ourselves. A small sliver of the day arranged with Dad, a massage, pedicure or even a long luxurious soak followed by a nap on the couch—are some of you nodding your heads? I love the idea of filling a tote bag with self-care goodies, books and maybe a gift card for a massage. Slam dunk if you ask me. 

Cook For Her

Whether she’s a good cook or not, or whether she actually finds joy in it or not, chances are mom has put in some serious hours feeding your belly. My mom has never really been into cooking and has more hilarious stories around it than legendary recipes. But I can remember all the nights she got dinner on the table, tried a new recipe or felt defeated with what she made. Now, I find so much joy in making her dinner, letting her kick up her feet and not worry about a thing. A spontaneous picnic, a beautiful dinner spread or even a cheese board, if that’s her thing. Most importantly sitting around a table together. And if she is into entertaining and being in the the kitchen, here are some gift ideas. 

Top two photos by Sara Prince; bottom four by Jacqueline Pilar

G.Nite Bedtime Bath Soak

Medallion Signet Necklace

Fig Candle

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