Tricks For Keeping Your HandBags Organized

June 18, 2019

I feel one hundred times better when my life is organized. Not that it always is but when life gets busy and everything from my closet to my car looks like a tornado went through it, I take a day to rein it all in. Knowing that an organized life translates to a calmer mood, clearer head and more efficient daily routine, I try to stay on top of every aspect in my life, never letting it get too crazy. The first place that seems to get cluttered the fastest are my handbags—especially during the summer.


Every tote bag and handbag is put to use for beach days, pool parties and barbecues and the result is a collection of “things” in every bag. Everything from sunscreen and towels to granola bar wrappers and receipts pile up. Last week I spent some time getting my life back in order and was reminded of the daily tricks you can do to keep things in order on a daily basis so it doesn’t take a chunk of time to put back in order. All it takes is a little discipline.


1. Don’t use your bag as a trash.

It seems like a no brainer, but as a busy person (and mom) sometimes you end up doing just that with snack bags, wrappers and receipts. Making the effort to throw away things before they make it to your bag (when it’s possible) is one small way to keep your bag life in check.

2. Invest in small pouches to keep things organized.

This is the best trick, especially when you’re switching bags constantly, which I always tend to do in the summer months. I keep sunscreen in one, beauty essentials in another (things like lip balm, blotting sheets, hair pins, rose spray etc.) and a pouch full of tricks for Elin when we eat out at restaurants. Containing things as much as possible makes a more organized situation in your bag but it also makes it ten times easier when you want to switch it out for a different bag for a trip to the pool or beach.

3. Stay on top of it.

When you’re waiting at the car wash, doctor’s office or watching tv at the end of the day, take a minute to look through your purse. Whatever you may have thrown in there during the day that you don’t need hanging around in your bag, toss it or put it where it belongs. It’s an easy job when there’s only a couple things that need to be relocated.

Do you guys have any tricks for

keeping your bag life tidy? 

Photography by Sara Prince.

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