Hat Hunting: 10 Favorites

July 24, 2019

I’m a sun lover without a doubt. I live for that soul warming sensation of sunshine on my skin and really don’t mind a freckle here and there. So for me, it’s not really an option to hide from it, so I try to arm myself with the right sun protection and limit my exposure when possible. Aside from sunscreen the biggie that seems to protect my face a lot are sun hats. Todd thinks I’m crazy for having so many, but I’m never short of a style and have become a pro at remembering to bring one—I leave one in my car now. 

Last week Elin stole one of my old beat up straw hats from Preston & Olivia and so many of you asked where it was from. Even she is starting to grab some of mine, which I love. Although she’s still SO stubborn when it comes to hats and rarely wears one when I put it on her. But it got me thinking, I wanted to round up some of my current favorite finds and include some favorite sources that I rely on. 

10 Hats I’m Loving:


Favorite Hat Brands and Sources:


Janessa Leone. You guys know I love Janessa’s hats! I practically live in them. In fact my most worn hat, the Fawn, is finally starting to look a bit beat up after nearly two years. I wear it in the pool, on the beach, to barbecues… you name it it’s my absolute favorite. 


Diani Living. The cheapest, and second most worn hat in my collection is a $40 find from this store in Santa Barbara. I have the wide brim lifeguard hat that has a neck tie which is key when on a ranch or at the beach when there’s a bit of a wind factor. 


Preston & Olivia. I have two hats from a few years ago that I still wear every summer from this brand. For those who asked about the hat Elin was wearing on the beach last week, it was from this hat brand.  


Etsy. I’ve been shopping more and more on Etsy these days finding specific things I have in mind. From baskets and ribbon to hats and vintage levi’s it’s really such a great source when you want something a little more unique. 


Photography by Jacqueline Pilar

Annabelle Straw Hat

Romy Hat

Elsa hat

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