Tied With A Ribbon

July 8, 2019

Over the weekend one of my best friends from college came into town for a visit. She also happens to be one of my most stylish friends who has always always inspired my own personal style. She makes everything look “cool” in that way Carrie Bradshaw made us all want to wear gold necklaces with our names on them. 

After spending time with her this weekend we (Elin included) were all a little obsessed with everything she wore. From a handful of Love Shack Fancy Dresses to random lacy ribbons she was using as hair ties and her golden tan that she’s always been known to have. She gave Elin a little homemade fabric anklet and it’s a “look” she so into she wants me to find more for her. So this morning I’m hunting down vintage fabric, lacy ribbons and silky hair scarves for some feminine summer looks. 

Some favorites I found…


She also let me borrow her Ray-Ban Icons sunglasses which I've decided I need now after having my eye on the for a while. Her white cat-eye sunglasses are by Crap and are only $30!

One of the three Love Shack Fancy dresses she brought. More from the line below.

Best weekend with one of our best girls! 

Icons Sunglasses

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