October Mood

October 1, 2019

I’ve been finding myself super excited to step into Fall and now that we’re *officially* in the new season and the calendar says October I’ve been diving in with a few plans to entertain, wear some new pieces (especially some black staples feminine staples, see below) and do some of those quintessential fall things with the family—apple picking is high on the list.

October List:

Normally I rarely wear nail polish on my hands. It’s just one extra thing I don’t really bother with and prefer the look of a natural nail. However, something comes over me around this time of year and I crave a cool black glossy manicure. It’s one of my nods to the season and feels like a fun way to start introducing black.

One of the reasons I love this season is because of the color palette it invites. I’m a sucker for dusty, earthy shades and even the light seems to fade to a golden hue in the late afternoon. I notoriously find myself leaning into all the colors in every aspect from my wardrobe to my home design with dried grasses and oatmeal-colored knits.

As far as beauty goes, after years and years of loathing this time of year because of how dry it leaves my skin feeling, I’ve finally found the products that really work for me and learned a few things about treating skin from the inside. My secret weapon is most definitely the Dr. Sturm Hyaluronic Serum paired with her Calming Serum and lastly either IS Clinical Youth Complex or Agustinus Bader Rich Cream. It’s a pricey package but at this time of year, completely worth it!

Now that my hair is growing out a bit more, I’ve been really loving a basic low pony tail or bun. Nothing fancy just parted down the middle and occasionally tied with a ribbon instead of a hair tie.

Every once in a while I get the motivation to pull out all my cookbooks and get re-inspired to be in the kitchen. I go through phases of enjoying cooking, a lot of times it feels like a chore, but fall and winter is definitely my favorite time of year to cook something delicious up. I love a cozy meal on a cool, dark night and the produce is some of my favorites. It also kicks off a lot of desire to entertain, decorate a table and have some friends over. Currently inspired by this Jenni Kayne Halloween gathering and this Friendsgiving I threw years ago with Duo Catering—look at how little Elin was!

Of course nothing gets me excited for cooler temperatures than browsing new arrivals at some of my favorite shops. There are so many pretty pieces out there right now it’s giving me major shopping fever! And while I am leaning into all those earthy soft Fall neutrals there are some stunning black essentials I have my eye on, especially a classic black turtleneck.

Do we like the mood boards?

I used to make one every month to get my creative juices flowing and fell out of practice. I’m finding it to be a really useful tool these days to uncover what I’m really excited about and hone it on things I want to create, wear, cook and do. Let me know your thoughts below. xx

Jelena Turtleneck Sweater

Hyaluronic Serum

Alpaca Blend Sweater

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