Witchy Black Favorites

October 9, 2019

If someone asked me if I was a Halloween person I’d quickly say no. I rarely go all out with costumes anymore (I did in my 20’s), couldn’t be bothered with decorating our house and am easily spooked by scary movies. However I do love Fall and I do love a reason to entertain, celebrate the season and see Elin experience it all—if she gets excited about something, most times I do too.

This year she budged me a little. We picked up a faux black cat, arched back and all, for $5 dollars, which is currently by our front door, and we’re even attending a pumpkin carving party that she begged us to dress up for with her—she’s going as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and she wants everyone else (grandparents included) to pick a character. Her costume was decided in early September, arrived the first day of October and she’s already planning an exclusive Halloween party with three of her buddies—it would be 25 unless I said three.


With all this Halloween talk and anticipation I must say it’s really gotten me in the October mood.

And while I don’t run out for fake spider webs or terribly cheesy Halloween things I have been getting inspired by a few tasteful nods to the spooky side of October, starting with black. I love a witchy-esque look with pointy toe boots and a statement hat, black nails and even smokey eyes. It’s so easy yet so chic and you really can put together a look in your sleep. So whether you’re dressing up or not, there are ways to join in on the fun without sacrificing your aesthetic. 

Witchy Black Favorites:

Other things Inspiring
my Halloween Mood:

Elin’s costume this year is beyond cute. Because she was so sure early on, we found a custom Dorothy dress on Etsy last month, ruby red shoes and this basket which we already had. We are way ahead of the game this year and it’s really got us all looking forward to seeing her excited about a classic costume.

I love any reason to throw a little get-together and I came across these two Halloween parties by Jenni Kayne that have sent me in a tailspin coming up with tasteful ways to celebrate with the little ones—this black and white theme, a sweet DIY treat bag idea and a fall-themed food spread.

While I’m not a big fan of Halloween decorations, I do love a natural approach to celebrating the season. I picked up some of those mini white pumpkins from Trader Joes (so cheap BTW!) and have been using them for table accents with lit candles. 

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