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November 23, 2019

I got so many gift ideas this year for my friends who love to cook and entertain at GOOP. It’s full of amazing cookbooks, cool looking tools and overall just things that would inspire me to cook, host or just exist in my kitchen more. I sprinkled in some other favorites, but here are the things that caught my eye and might even make it onto my wish list—like that sleek looking Ratio pour-over coffee maker.


I’ve been finding more and more products and companies that make plastic bags at the store, at home and out and about, a thing of the past. You save money and they’re ten times prettier! I love these Cotton Drawstring Bags for Farmer’s Market runs and throwing snacks in my bag during the day.


One of my all-time favorite jewelry designers, Jennifer Fisher, also happens to be a kitchen dweller and foodie. So much so she has her own salt confections that she sells. This Spicy Salt


You can never have too many aprons because you can never have too many helpers in the kitchen, am I right? Love this linen Hedvig Apron.


A French press is kind of a must in a kitchen. We use ours occasionally when our Tody coffee is empty and I use it a ton with loose tea. I love how this Ceramic French Press is a step up from your usual design.


Definitely the most stylish coffee maker I have come across. And while I don’t (or try not to) be a daily coffee drinker, I still feel like I need this Ratio Eight Smart Coffee Maker in our kitchen. This would be such a great for a mega coffee lover in your life along with some cool beans—like Canyon Coffee or Beacon Coffee.


I’m a tea lover. Especially these days and Bellocq is by far the best I have found. The loose Camomile at night actually makes me sleep like a rock and don’t get me started on their Rooibos—full of antioxidants and caffeine free.


Todd gave me Cook Beautiful by Athena Calderone last year for Christmas and it’s been my favorite all year. I just pulled it out last night to plan a weekend dinner with friends. I love how the book is divided by season, which gets me to our Farmer’s Market for local, fresh produce.


Todd’s been itching for an espresso machine in our kitchen and I kind of love how this one looks slightly vintage and isn’t ginormous (why are some of them so big?!). Dream Up V3 Espresso Machine.


Organic cotton kitchen towels that are designed to replace paper towels—anyone else sick of buying them?! They’re supposed to be more absorbent and get softer with each wash. Ideal for everyday spills around the kitchen. I love the idea of slipping these in a little gift box among other goodies like beautiful hand soap and lotion.


One of my favorite cookbooks I picked up this year was Sweet Laurel’s Bakery. I love the idea of gifting the book along with one of their products like these Vegan Chocolate Chips.


For any kitchen dweller, trips to the Farmer’s Market (or grocery store) or a frequent thing. I happen to loath it, but maybe if I had this cute market tote I wouldn’t dread the chore so much. This tote has compartments for eggs, milk etc. so you can keep things organized (and not smooshed on top of each other) while you cross off your list.


The best smelling candle EVER that will make anyone happy. If you’re heading to someone’s house for a party or dinner and aren’t sure what kind of wine they like or maybe they already have everything in the world, this candle is a perfect small way of saying thank you. I have bought it countless times for friends (and myself) and when I have guests over to our house 9 times out of 10 they ask me, “what’s that amazing candle you have burning in the bathroom?” Jenni Kayne Ash candle, my second favorite is Cedar—both are amazing. Don’t forget to use my code “SAMANTHA20” for 20% off all things Jenni Kayne.

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