January Mood

January 9, 2020

After hosting Thanksgiving for 18 (and more at times) and Christmas at our house with close family all while being pregnant, I felt completely wiped out afterwards. The holidays do that to you anyways but being 39 (nearly 40 weeks pregnant) on top of that was ambitious to say the least. With that said, it was worth it and felt so memorable but calm, lazy at times and self-care filled January is just what the doctor (literally) ordered. So as we sit and wait patiently for this baby to arrive, here are some things on my January list. 

January List:

The number one essential for some serious hibernation is good loungewear. I’ve been living in this super soft Jenni Kayne Eco Crewneck and Sweatpant in Oatmeal—you’ll be seeing me wearing it a lot this month. Also good news my 20% off code: SAMANTHA20 is still good if you spy anything you didn’t get for Christmas. I know I still have my eye on the lighter colored shearling mules! More of my loungewear favorites if you’re in the market.

I’ve never been one to come out of the gates hot in January. My M.O. has always been to ease into the new year, recoup from the holidays, organize and clean, take time to rest if I need it while filling my cup with inspiration/intentions for the year ahead. Quiet nights with a good book and a cup of tea have been my speed lately—also short lived until we have a newborn in the house so I’m soaking in these quiet days. With that said, here are the books currently on my nightstand: Early Riser Companion, such a sweet/inspiring read if you’re a parent of a young one; The First 40 Days, all about nourishing your body post childbirth; The Great Alone, which I’ve heard lots of good things about but keep falling asleep while reading it!

I’m always inspired to stay home and cook a little more in January. It’s more relaxing, healthier and friendlier on the wallet. The key to enjoying this process (I have found) is being organized, make a list, plan for the week and make one trip to the grocery store. I just ordered this Groceries notepad from Golden Coil that allows you to organize your list so it’s ten times more efficient to shop and not forget anything. I notoriously forget something (thanks to a messy list) and wind up having to go back.

Turtlenecks and statement coats with jeans have been my go-to lately. Especially in neutral, light shades of cream. Something about January makes me gravitate towards that winter white moment. Some favorites finds here:

Since the summer I’ve been saving images of delicate pearl necklaces. Some with charms, some strands with dainty raw imperfect shaped pearls and layered pearl pieces. I’ve been coveting a strand by Beatrice Valenzuela and recently discovered Sophie Billie Brahe’s line that is so so good.

While we’re on baby watch, I’ve been taking lots of time to read, soak in a bubble bath and slip into bed early. Nothing sets the mood more than a favorite candle and I can’t get enough of two scents by Jenni Kayne, Cedar and Ash.

After reading The First 40 Days and knowing a second baby is different when you have a 5-year-old, I’ve been searching for healthy food delivery options and came across one here in Santa Barbara called Ladle Co. Home cooked, fresh and healthy, so excited to try them out!

Nesting is no joke. In fact I re-designed our family room, spent a few hours organizing two hall closets and am still getting Elin’s room and the nursery worked out. On IG stories I mentioned a blank wall I was looking to hang something on and a reader turned me onto Cindy Zell. I can’t stop thinking about this custom piece she did that would look so good above the crib.

The soundtrack around our house has been super mellow, especially in the mornings. I’ve been loving a little Stan Getz as background noise.

Lastly, in the beauty department I’ve been all about minimal makeup and keeping dry skin/lips at bay. My miracle products that I rely on here:

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