May Mood

May 18, 2020

I know I’m not alone when I say it’s been hard staying motivated and inspired during this time. Some days seem easy, I spot something online or read a book that sparks excitement, other days feel heavy and frustrating. My recipe for hitting a wall on all levels is to let my brain completely check out by either going for a walk, taking a nap or sometimes cleaning our house does the job. Then I’ll sit down and write as much as I possibly can about anything and everything. Of course I don’t always have the time but when I do it’s incredibly therapeutic even for 5 minutes. Another way I spark my creativity is creating a mood board like this one. It feels good to make a list of things (visually) that are currently making me happy and inspiring the season. What’s on your list this month?

Left to right from the top: 

One thing I’ve felt incredibly fortunate for these days is living in a small town like Santa Barbara that has an amazing coastline full of beaches that even during a pandemic can be found quiet. We’ve been going to one of our favorite semi-secret spots lately because the weather has been so perfect and it’s been feeding my soul. And also feeding my slight tan, which in turn has made me crave all things white. Since all I seem to wear these days is a bathing suit and cover up I’ve had my eye on some breezy white ones over a white bathing suit.

I’ve barely touched my hair with any kind of hot tool and instead have been air drying per usual but with a little de-frizz help. Trying out Ouai’s leave-in conditioner which smells like heaven as well as a new product from R+Co called Sun Catcher that nourishes and helps with frizz.

Tis’ the season for a good straw hat… I’ve had my eye on two Janessa Leoné hats with wide brims for extra shade and protection—Nico visor and Serena.

I hit a wall recently with breakfast. It’s the meal that I’m always the hungriest and somehow I felt like my options were getting boring and limited. I hopped on pinterest and a few favorite food blogs and was re-inspired to make breakfast special again. I plan on elaborating on my breakfast finds in a later post! But in the meantime, what is your favorite  breakfast to have? Leave me a comment below.

I recently cleaned out my beauty loot (I have a lot, part of the job!) and will be hosting a little IG giveaway on some goodies soon but one thing new I’ve been trying and loving is Rodin Olio Lusso’s illuminating eye cream. It feels amazing and brightens my eyes on days that I don’t wear any makeup, which is almost everyday these days.

I have a few new Nili Lotan pieces that I’ve been living in and can’t get enough of our Spring 20′ collection. Among my favorites, that feels like a must-have right now, is the Janie Hoodie. It looks so soft and comfortable and I love all the colors, especially this khaki.

Mango was having a great 50% off sale recently and while browsing I came across this basket bag. I love the shape and long straps so it can be worn on your shoulder. Such a steal!

All this time at home has led to moments of making meals more special with a thoughtful table setting. I’ve brought out glassware and china we normally don’t use, lit candles and taken advantage of our outdoor space. I’ve saved endless inspiration and finds on instagram and have consequently become addicted to finding beautiful tabletop things like this soft sunset pattern from Heather Taylor, ribbed wine glasses from Fferrone, soft peach tapered candles and the prettiest frayed linen tablecloth from Jenni Kayne.

Lastly, nothing has made me happier these days then the weather. We’ve been going to the beach, sitting in our backyard and cooling off with iced coffee’s which have definitely been hitting the spot. We always have cold brewed Toddy coffee in our fridge, it’s the best—if you haven’t tried it I highly suggest getting yourself a cold brew system since they’re so cheap and the coffee comes out so smooth, less acidic. Also we’re in dire need of some beach chairs (you know, to drink my iced coffee) and I found these super adorable ones from Business & Pleasure that I have my eye on.

I hope this stirred up some inspiration for you guys!

Solitaire belted ribbed seersucker swimsuit

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