Subtle Sparkly

November 18, 2022

I will never turn down a bit of sparkle around the holidays. It’s just too fun to go all out and shine a little bit. Most of our parties and get togethers this year are fairly casual (do you feel my eye roll?) but don’t worry I’ll be showing up dressed like a disco ball regardless because a very wise person told me you can never be too dressed up. And so my crystal embellished pochette might not make it to a black tie ball but it will come out to play with the girls for a Holiday martini at The Miramar. 

But in all seriousness, I love how sparkly things can be worn so many ways—casually, dressed-up or even paired with slippers when it’s the holidays! I love them with denim, soft cashmere, statement coats and even prints. I’ve been gravitating towards sparkly things so much lately so I figured I would round up some favorites for you… 

Above; dress and bag

Photograph by Sara Prince

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