Sézane Favorites

April 12, 2023

There’s something about Sézane’s Spring collections that always grabs my attention. Case in point, this Sequin skirt that I haven’t officially worn yet but HAD to have because how cool is it with an oversized button down? Just waiting for a warm date night to wear that one. I also end up reaching for their knits more this time of year (especially the Gaspard cardigan I own in a few colors — also pictured here in black) and love their different basket/raffia bags. I ordered the this one recently and I’m so excited for it to arrive! Highly recommend their bags/accessories I have a few that I got and just love so so much—like this seashell charm and weekender bags the girls and I use that I’m really hoping they bring back. 

A few other staples I wanted to share with you guys are these tanks that are the absolute best. I have one in gray and have been thinking I need to order the white for Spring/Summer. The thickness of the fabric is what makes it special and also the shape/fit. I typically wear adhesive nipple covers with them and most of my tanks/bodysuits. Along those same essentials, this tee is one of my favorites. Lastly the Max shirt, the most perfect button down that I have in white and just ordered in the stripe. I like to size up to the 4 for a more oversized fit but this top is the absolute best over jeans, bathing suits and even mini dresses. The stripe is just so quintessential French Spring to me I had to have it. 

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