Summer Whites

May 18, 2023

When I think about what I want to be doing and wearing right now it goes something like this… a warm sunny afternoon that begs for dinner outside… a spread of homemade food out on a crisp white linen covered table… kids scurrying around too busy to eat and I’m wearing something white… either a white cotton dress or a white oversized button down and jeans… maybe some freshwater pearls around my neck… ok so basically a Nancy Myers film but you get the picture. That quintessential summer night that goes along with a tan from a day at the pool or beach, to me it just begs for crisp white pieces and I’m mentally already there. 

Some specific things that have caught my eye recently in the summer whites category… for starters I love an antique white jean (and on sale this weekend!) to pair with a classic oversized white button down. These jeans are my absolute favorite because the fit is so good for a relaxed straightleg shape. Also this dress because it looks so elegant but relaxed, one of those pieces that could easily be worn casual with flip flops or dressed up with heels. Also this toteme button down that would be a beach to dinner type piece, love that it’s subtly sheer too. 

More summer whites for you…

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