Mexico Wardrobe Notes

October 25, 2023

I’ve decided that my sweet spot is vacation dressing… nothing makes me more excited to get dressed than an experience, something I’ll remember down the road and (hopefully) think “I loved wearing that.” While I love coats as much as I love bikinis, there is something to be said about curating a wardrobe for a week on the beach. For one, it’s easier to pack light, maybe bring some extra things and show a little more leg and skin, which is a fun out-of-norm to the everyday dressing program. One quick look at the Mayakoba website and I picked up on the lush greens, clear blue waters and hits of hot pink bougainvillea and ran with a plan on what I was going to pack. 

Some favorites I wanted to note… these silver earrings made every outfit and proved that they’re a silky dresses’ best friend, the perfect compliment… overall just really loving silver jewelry lately and pulled out some of my old vintage finds that I haven’t worn in a while, so fun… also wore some silver to the beach, this Marysia one shoulder (use Samantha15 for 15% off) was what I wore the most, ideal for playing with the girls on the beach… I also picked up two suits from Fella Swim an Australian brand and loved the fit of this bikini top, a hard style for a small cup but it worked, will definitely buy this style again… one of my favorite things I wore was this magenta dress (instantly reminded me of that Mexico magenta) and the fit was so perfect, packed this gold coin bag and this sandal to go with it… this icy blue cover-up was one of the first things I got for the trip and was so fun to wear with silver jewelry… lastly this Prada tote was a splurge I found pre-owned on Shopbop (did you know they a pre-owned section, so cool!). 

Everything I packed and wore here… 

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