Wearing This Month

October 26, 2023

When we were flying back from Mexico I watched nothing but romantic comedies and somehow landed on Clueless. I can’t remember the last time I watched it but there was so much nostalgia for me revisiting Alicia Silverstone in her headbands and mini skirts. I totally idolized her as a teen—remember that Aerosmith Crazy video with Liv Tyler?!—the convertible and their utterly perfect hair. Reminded me of how much I love that dose of preppy but making it subtly sultry with a lace bra peeking out of a cardigan or an oversized oxford (mostly likely men’s) buttoned a few times. 

Aside from my Alicia Silverstone girl crush (who Elin calls the “mom from babysitters club” where’s my melting face emoji when I need it) I have also been super into grey knitwear, this Alex Mill Polo Sweater, all the cozy lounge pants (linked some favorites below) and loafers with almost everything. This is my go-to pair and I have a code for you”15Samantha” recently restocked too—run don’t walk these go so fast. Also still living cardigans as tops, my most favorite is this one (i sized up to a medium) and the red linked below. Here’s to making preppy fall vibes a little undone and naughty. 

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