Layering Formulas

February 7, 2024

While my “pros list” for Winter is fairly short, I do appreciate the fun of bundling up, styling a look with layers and boy do I love a beautiful coat. I have a few formulas I follow when it comes to a cool layered look so I’d thought I’d share my go-to’s along with pieces that seem to work for me the most. 

Formula #1:

Crewneck tee + cardigan + wool coat on top. 


My first tip for any layered look, find yourself a basic white tee that has a higher neckline—just enough so it pokes out above other sweaters. In this case I love it to pair with cardigans (v-neck or crewneck leaving unbuttoned or just open on the top). Some white tees that are absolute perfection—a $6 dollar favorite (I size up), $8 ribbed find, this Alex Mill one that is perfection and this tee being my personal favorite lately, which I have in black and white. My M.O. is to tuck the white tee into my jeans, style with a belt (a favorite style here and a code for you to use: SAMANTHA) so there’s an added layer. For the cardigan layer, I love either leaving it completely unbuttoned or just the top two and v-neck cardigans are just as cool in this formula. Some favorites have been the Doen Petra cardigan (the colors are so good), this v-neck Jenni Kayne one (code: Samantha15) and cream slightly cropped Sezane find—love this length under a longer wool coat too. 

I love this formula with any coat really but especially love it with a heavier wool coat. I’ve had my eye on this Toteme one, this one from Sezane feels classic and a Mango gem that is currently on sale and looks way more expensive than it is—don’t you just love those!

Formula #2: 

Crewneck knit + long coats + crossbody bags

Crewneck sweaters are the core of my wardrobe if I’m being honest, for any season. I’ve become obsessed with La Ligne knits and here’s why… the quality exceeds the price and the sleeves are just a hair longer than other others so you can pull them over your hands which creates an added visual when poking out of a favorite winter coat—also, hi, so cozy! I love the Marin sweater (my code for any first time customers: Samantha10) and the Jack sweater. For this formula I love a longer coat—something along the lines of this gorgeous gray one or this classic camel coat… and if you’re investing in a good coat this year, this one takes the cake (and currently on sale). I love the addition of a bag worn crossbody over one of these coats with just the strap showing in front (a lá the photo above). I’ve had my eye on this Khaite bag for because I love how it looks layered over coats. Another great bag in this scenario is this one by the row, small enough to be an easy addition worn in front or back. 

Formula #3

Crewneck Tee + Oxford button down + Trench Coat

I love having a few button-down oxfords especially for layered looks. You can unbutton the sleeves and let them hang out from underneath a coat, half tuck it into jeans, button a portion, there are so many options and I love the relaxed yet refined vibe. Frank & Eileen makes so many different styles and options (my favorite being the Shirley, more of a boyfriend fit). For an added layer throw a sweater on top of the trench over your shoulders, I stick to not too thin but not too thick crewnecks for this added touch—something along the lines of this sweater is perfect. 

Formula #4

Crewneck tee + Crewneck Sweater + Blazer 

I love this layered look moving into Spring. A blazer is the perfect transitional outerwear piece since you can layer underneath or if it’s cold thrown on a wool coat or trench on top of a blazer. I have a Toteme one that I invested in last year and it’s still one of my favorite buys. Some that caught my eye recently… this Toteme beige blazer, a basic black Anine Bing find and a wool and cashmere version. I love styling this formula with a baseball hat and some bigger earrings—I’m gravitating towards silver these days and just spotted these hoops

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