Sweet Things

July 13, 2010
There’s nothing worse than a bad day that leaves you down in the dumps. For me it’s the little things like getting a bear hug from my boyfriend or laughing uncontrollably with a friend that turns my frown upside down. Here are some more ways—life size and bite size—that instantly lift my spirits and remind me that life is sweet.
1. Peonies—I love how they look and smell but I especially love watching them go from bud to full bloom
2. Ice Cream Sandwiches—the bigger the better with homemade chocolate chip cookies
3. A good playlist—see some of my recent ones here and here
4. Sunshine—getting a good dose of vitamin D always relaxes me
5. Marie Antoinette the movie—it’s my all-time favorite
6. Magazines—when a new issue arrives in my mail I can’t help but squeal a little
7. Cupcakes—I get as excited as a 5-year-old who has just been given the green light for sugar
8. Getting a pedicure—the ultimate fix to calm my nerves
9. Naps—20 minutes to restart the engines is sometimes all I need
10. Family—whether it’s a quick phone conversation or dinner nothing makes me happier than spending time and laughing with my fam.

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