Lemon Bar Pie

August 31, 2010
My second favorite thing next to chocolate (see here and here) is anything lemon or lime. So naturally, I’m very inclined to a lemon bar from time to time. I attempted my first batch of lemon bars recently and realized the only size pan I had that would work was a pie dish—and so the Lemon Bar Pie was born. I discovered a few tricks while making these lemon treats… 1. the thicker the crust the better 2. using a strainer for the powdered sugar gives that professional dusted look 3. the more lemon zest the better 4. let the pie (or bars) cool for at least 20 min before cutting into, it will prevent a messy appearance (hence my sloppy slice above, eager beaver here).
[ I used this recipe by Barefoot Contessa ]
[ Homemade crust ]
[ I zested and grated the lemon for an extra lemony taste ]
[ Fresh lemons to make the lemon juice ]
[ Adding the lemon goodness to the crust ]
[ I couldn’t resist cutting a few traditional squares from my lemon pie ]

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