Weekend Recap

April 18, 2011
[ French Poppies from the Farmers Market ]
This weekend was utter perfection. With nothing on the agenda and hot, summer-like weather we relished in a little R&R. From being lazy in the a.m. hours to soaking up some rays at the beach I was a happy clam both days, or lobster since I missed a few spots with the sunscreen. The best part was the warm air that lasted well into the night. It almost felt like a crime to be inside even at 9 pm so I spent as much time outside as I could.
Here’s a few simple things that made my weekend a blissful one. Tell me what makes your weekend a happy one…
[ A trip to Hammonds Beach ]
[ Mint chip Ice Cream from Here’s the Scoop in Montecito]
[ Fresh veggies at the Farmer’s Market ]
[ Colorful Sweet Peas ]
[ Every morning started with an over-easy egg ]
[ Except Saturday… a cinnamon roll got involved ]

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