The Height of Summer

August 1, 2011
 [ New suede short boots by Ash ]
Per usual, this summer seems to be flying by and I’m in utter shock/denial that it’s already August. Besides soaking in some serious heat and last minute summertime plans, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for fall wardrobe pieces that are already hitting shelves. A few things I’m hoping to score? Leopard prints, cobalt or deep purple accessories, a fitted jacket (currently craving one from IRO), cropped leather pants a cozy poncho and jewelry with an edge. Here’s a look at some recent finds that I’m currently loving.
 [ A lighty colored braided bracelet from Emily Tozer mixed with gold bangles ]
[ New sandy colors from the Essie Fall Collection—Glamour Purse and Case Study ]
 [ Bangles and Emily Tozer bracelets I’m storing in a deep ceramic bowl ]

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