Summer Shrine Part I

August 20, 2012
Ace & Jig top (similar), J.Crew head scarf, Target boots, J.Crew hat, vintage bracelets from Ava + Aliria, Raen Breslin sunglasses, tote from Serafina.
Late summer days are the best if you ask me. Every last ray of sunshine is meant to be savored and there’s no excuse to not kick up your feet and relax. I’m so excited to share a recent project I did with Leela Cyd called Summer Shrine, a collection of images and video celebrating a certain joie de vivre—our love note to Summer if you will. Highlighted in this series are two of my favorite collections, Ace & Jig and Heidi Merrick.
Ace & Jig dress, J.Crew hat, Jennifer Fisher necklace, Emily Rosendahl bag, Garrett Leight sunglasses, J.Crew Chambray shirt.
photographs by Leela Cyd
hair and makeup by Jenny Hopwood of Unveiled Makeup & Hair

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