The Honeymoon

May 1, 2013
Choosing a honeymoon destination has been one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process. Fantasizing about all the places we could go to was beyond fun but also daunting—especially when it comes to far away countries and picking a place with optimal weather. A friend introduced us to World Odyssey, which is a luxury travel service that specializes in tailor-made trips that come along with copious amounts of knowledge for well planned adventures. Together with World Odyssey we narrowed down our very long list to two amazing honeymoon options based on the time of year, resorts and things to experience. We have made our decision (squeal!) but I’m curious to hear which one you would all pick. So here’s the first option… a safari in South Africa followed by some time spent in the Seychelles just off of Kenya. Option two coming up tomorrow!
First stop: Four nights at the Chitwa Chitwa lodge for an African Safari. I’ve always dreamed about experiencing something like this with my guy and the grounds look utterly romantic. Not to mention the high amounts of game viewing since this lodge is right next to a watering hole. Then, it’s off to the Seychelles.
Second stop: The Four Seasons Seychelles which hangs over the water (pinch me!) followed by a week at Denis Island—an amazing recommendation from World Odyssey.
Our second destination coming up tomorrow!

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