Plaid Power

October 18, 2013

– A statement plaid coat. –

Most of the plaids I own are heavier layers so they fall (no pun intended) in the seasonal category in my world. Which makes this time of year extra exciting because I get to pull them all out. I’m always reminded when revisiting some of my favorites how great this pattern really is and how many endless variations there are out there. Since the weather hasn’t quite transitioned here in California I’ve been wearing this silk plaid top thanks to Equipment which has been fulfilling my plaid needs. Here are some stand out plaid pieces that have been inspiring my inner school girl.

238068eaabc314dd3e6897770f91f7df– Plaid pants and how great is her hair? –8681af0fd63754c75bc40b9213d330dd– An oversized flannel paired with jeans. –268501b5d4e0f3f27d7d9dd5e6a16139– A cool blazer worn with layers. –bfe29ca1209f19add81753884bc11f96– Plaid on plaid on plaid. –3560d42c906aef917d24005a58a6618d– A peaking plaid layered with an oversized sweater. – 2c712c161f27110704851c32a630b4c5– A classic school girl skirt in. –

Plaids I’ve got my eye on…

images via pinterest

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